Beginners Start Here


Congratulations, you are on the right track to becoming an accomplished social dancer.  

Debbie teaching a group class in the big room at North Coast Dance.


Why continue and register for a class today?

  • Because you are tired of not being able to accept invitations from or be the one to invite others to dance when social occasions call for dancing.
  • Because you are social and like to meet people, especially when good music is involved.
  • Because you enjoy the challenge of learning something new.

You can choose group or private lessons or a combination of both.  While group lessons promote comaradrie and provide the opportunity to dance with more skilled dancers, private lessons provide personalized attention and instruction.  You can always create a private group lesson with your friends.

Our beginner classes are taught over a one-month period, meeting once per week for one hour. Here you will  learn the basic step patterns.  You will also learn the basic elements of partner dancing: posture, frame, leading following, footwork, and timing, all of which carry over to other dance styles so that learning gets easier with each class.

Many of our "Last Wednesday Workshop" topics are also great for beginners, like "Basics of Partnering" or "Dips & Fancy Endings".  Check our website calendar for more information.  Click on the class or event you are interested in to get details.