• American Waltz

    Classic and romantic, the American slow waltz nicely rounds out your social dance repertoire.

  • Bachata

    The newest slow dance to go with salsa, Bachata is easy to learn and very sexy!

  • Cha Cha

    Get your flirt on with this sassy dance that goes with a wide variety of musical genres.

  • East Coast Swing

    The most useful of social dances to know, East coast swing is also easy to learn!

  • American Foxtrot

    Not just for old-time swing music, the easy going foxtrot is fun at weddings, social dances, and at the Redwood Coast Jazz Festival.

  • Hustle

    Did someone say disco?  The hustle is fast with a lot of spinning, but exhilarating to do!

  • Lindy Hop

    Energetic and athletic, Lindy Hop has seen quite a revival in the last decade.  This dance pairs well with Charleston and East Coast Swing.

  • Merengue

    The easiest of all partner dances to learn and useful to know, especially if Latin music is being played.

  • Nightclub Two-Step

    This smooth, romantic dance can be used in any social setting where there is dancing.

  • American Rumba

    Nicknamed 'the dance of love', rumba is a simple, romantic dance that goes with more than Latin music.

  • On One Salsa

    Who doesn't want to know how to salsa?  Fun for all with room for creativity. We teach New York "on-one" style.

  • American Tango

    This ballroom version of tango is easier to learn than the Argentine version and gives you an outlet for your dramatic side.

  • West Coast Swing

    West coast swing may take longer to get the hang of, but will reward you with its versatility and room for personal expression.