Upcoming Classes

Friday, December 8, 2017 - 7:00pm

We are so excited to announce two new classes in 2018!! 

The Dance Scene (1011 H St., Eureka) is now home to Monday night's West Coast Swing class.  West Coast Swing is a highly engaging style of social dance. Its smooth and sometimes sexy quality allows for a large range of freedom of expression and lyricism. It can be a slow, medium or fast dance and done to many different types of music. This allows people to pick and choose an "infinite" amount of music to which to dance, appealing to all age groups. Best of all, West Coast Swing can adopt many movements and styles from other social dances as well as hip-hop and jazz dance.  Beginning level starts at 6:30, all levels of dancers are welcome, no partner required.  $10 drop-in fee or $35/month.

We now have an all Latin class at North Coast Dance Annex (7:30-8:30p.m.).  Learn bachata, salsa, rumba, or cha-cha while working on your Latin hip action.  We will be listening to our students to decide which Latin dance style to focus on each month. This class will be on more of a monthly cylcle so starting at the beginning is highly recommended.  All levels of dancer are welcome, no partner required, $30/month.  This class does not meet on the last Wednedsay of the month.

The popular Last Wednesday Workshop series is continuing into 2018.  We hope to bring Ikolo Griffin back in January to do "Just Turns".  Cross your fingers for that one!

Beginning dancers will still have a Wednesday slot at North Coast Dance Annex, but will now meet 6:30-8:30, except the last Wednesday.  This class focues on dance styles that are easy to learn and that you are likely to use at Humboldt events:  East Coast Swing, Nightclub two-step, and Rumba or Foxtrot.  $30/month/person.