How to fit dance in your wedding plans

Prepare for your first dance with the same care you give to your invitations, gowns, catering, flowers, and music. Your first dance is symbolic of your first joint endeavor as man and wife. It is the beginning of your shared life together. Everyone will be watching as the new groom leads his wife onto the dance floor for the first time. It will be an experience that you will remember your entire life.  Today, it is almost always recorded, giving the couple, family, and friends long lasting memories that can be recalled instantly. So please, plan ahead. Remember that your schedule will get very hectic as your wedding day approaches. Start planning four to six months prior to your wedding date to allow more time for practice, especially if you are a beginner dancer.

Dance with Debbie  Can . . .

  • Make you look polished and confident.
  • Help you relax, reduce pressure and eliminate worry.
  • Show you how to overcome mistakes.
  • Take into account the bride’s headpiece, veil and train.
  • Teach you correct dance etiquette.
  • Design a customized choreographed routine for you.

Have you thought about:

  • Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dance? 
  • Scheduling a private lesson for the whole wedding party? 
  • Have us teach a simple lesson at the reception 

Tips & Suggestions

  • Pick a few songs and bring them to your first lesson.
  • Start early. The sooner you begin, the more comfortable you will feel.
  • Practice together in your wedding shoes and similar style clothes.
  • Opt for private lessons for individual attention.

   Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should we seek professional help for our first dance?

A. Having a choreographed routine will give you confidence and eliminate embarrassing moments.

Q. How long before the wedding should we start our lessons?

A. Four to six months.

Q. How many lessons are recommended?

A. Twice a week for three months or once a week for four months.

Q. What type of dance should we do?

A. Nightclub, Waltz or Rumba make beautiful wedding dances, however, there are many others that will work just fine.

Q. What should we wear to our lessons?

A. Casual attire, comfortable shoes, but no sneakers or rubber soles.

Q. Our wedding is a month (or less) away, is it too late to add a first dance?

A.  While it will not look as polished as you would want, we can coach you with simple suggestions so that you and your partner are relaxed and have fun.